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Guardians of Catnap Hoodie - Dark (LIMITED EDITION)

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Guardians of Catnap Hoodie - Dark (LIMITED EDITION)
Guardians of Catnap Hoodie - Dark (LIMITED EDITION)

Anyone who's been to Catnap will have seen these cats! They live on our cafe wall, front and centre as soon as you come in the front door. Painted by the extremely talented McChesney Adams, we have enjoyed their company every day since we opened, and now you can enjoy them every day too! *


All of our clothing is made using AS Colour so they're super comfy, high quality and ethically produced. We print using local businesses so by purchasing you’re doing your part for Christchurch small businesses - thank you! ❤️


Hoodies are unisex so please check the size guide. If you're after kids sizes send us a message.


* I mean, I would recommend washing it at some point, or buying multiple so you can always have one on hand!

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